Logistics in 6 steps: from a Danish nursery to the fresh smell of a Christmas tree in your home!

Before the Christmas tree takes its place in your living room and the scent of resin reaches every corner of your home, it will have travelled more than 1 000 km and undergone a series of procedures and inspections.

logistyka obrazek


First, the Danish nursery staff place the seedlings in soil and then, for more than a decade, they carefully and diligently look after each Caucasian fir. Checking the stands on a regular basis, carrying out various maintenance treatments and seasonal pruning are essential for healthy growth. Everything according to a strict schedule that has been followed for generations.


The ongoing hard work has paid off – most of the saplings have grown into beautiful Christmas trees, which delight their caretakers with their resilience and grandeur. On hearing the news of the felling, we set off on a journey to Scandinavia to make a personal selection of Christmas trees and take only the best of the best with us.


The packaging procedure has to be well thought out and take into account the needs of our customers, because correct labelling and packing determines freshness and prevents damage. The wrapping and loading have to be performed according to plan, i.e. quickly and efficiently.


The wrapped Christmas trees rest on trucks and wait to go to Poland. The long journey is a challenge for both drivers and trees. Scheduled stops are the time to check that the Christmas trees remain in good condition. After checking in at Zator, we carry out unloading and inventory.


We sell Caucasian firs mainly to wholesale customers who visit our “Choinki Hurtownia Wadowicka” collection point or who await delivery to start their own distribution at their sites. Meanwhile, our stands are swarming with customers and the phones are ringing off the hook.


It is the most beautiful moment in the whole logistical process – especially when the head of the household returns home with a magnificent Christmas tree, lightly dusted with snow, and the children and the rest of the family members simply cannot wait to decorate it. It is a time of pure joy…