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Logistics in 6 steps: from a Danish nursery to the fresh smell of a Christmas tree in your home!

Before the Christmas tree takes its place in your living room and the scent of resin reaches every corner of your home, it will have travelled more than 1 000 km and undergone a series of procedures and inspections.


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Are you dreaming of a beautiful live Christmas tree, like the ones you’ve seen in movies?

Or are you a retailer and need to stock your stand with unique trees to make your customers’ dreams come true?

That’s easy – have a look, choose and enjoy Christmas with Christmas trees from Denmark!

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Live Christmas trees from Denmark bring true nature into your home

Can you imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree? That would be ridiculous, would it not? Every year, just before Christmas Eve, almost every Polish home welcomes one of them – a beautiful, decorative, fragrant and extremely dignified Christmas tree, which we all dream of since childhood. But to keep things simple, it’s important to know that not every Christmas tree is the same, so it’s worth thinking carefully before buying one.

Live Christmas trees from Denmark

It is a well-known fact that the best and most beautiful trees – Caucasian firs – are imported from Denmark. It’s because of the mild, humid climate and good land quality. Thousands of hectares of conifers are grown in Scandinavian nurseries, which later reach customers in Poland and many other countries around the world. They have been in constant demand for years as they are a unique decoration for the flat, home, office or shop.

Caucasian firs in various versions and for everyone

Christmas trees from Denmark are mainly Caucasian firs sold in retail, i.e. for individuals, and Caucasian firs sold in wholesale, which are re-sold at Christmas tree stands in Lesser Poland, Silesia and Mazovia regions or sold to corporate customers. We have sales outlets in Zator, Chełmek, Lędziny and Andrychów, where we sell out of everything year by year. Therefore, anyone wishing to purchase one of our firs should make the purchase early.

Cut or potted?

It all depends on the client’s preferences. Both can be an elegant decoration for the home or business. There is no doubt that a potted Caucasian fir is a great way to get a natural Christmas tree, which can then be planted into the garden and enjoyed all year round. The secret is that a Caucasian fir with a root system concealed in the pot tolerates home conditions well, especially if it is watered and stored at a slightly lower temperature. A cut Christmas tree looks nice in a stand, does not lose its needles and smells great, but its lifespan is limited to the festive season only. Which is a good reason to get an even more beautiful one next Christmas.

Enjoy shopping with us!